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  1. hi all, can anyone share NSE5 FMG 6.0 in pdf format? thank you
  2. hi, I want to buy VCP voucher. already PM you. please check.
  3. hi, I found a workaround solution!! the key is is available in my vcenter, but it just doesn't appear when I try to assign to my NSX6.4. but if I switch to use old vsphere web client (FLEX) still using vcenter 6.7, magically, I am able to see the key then assign to my NSX! also, the security&networking tab appear, so I can finally use my NSX for home lab. thanks for your information! BRs, Johnny
  4. hi all, I use this UC3RA-D3XD4-H817Z-UEMNG-WC0WF to import to my vcenter, it is valid key, but when I click to solution>asset, then try to reassign the license to my NSX 6.4, the license doesn't appear, instead only a default license with NSX for vShield Endpoint available only. can anyone help on this issue? I have been working on this license things all day long, still no solution. please help. BRs John
  5. please help for valid 2v0-642 dump? thanks
  6. passed today. SPOTO 206Q is valid. about 4-5 new question which are not mention. REST telnet with port 3003 debugging routing issue, traceroute and sh ip route dhcp server
  7. yea, wish it has the feature to remove "thanks"
  8. all links are dead or not exist. can anyone help to share the valid link/BT/mega please?
  9. I downloaded named pipe and add new connection already. but I still got same error. may I know how can I reach ASA console? I use VM workstation 12. and got following error output. error: no argument specified loading ASA 9.15 Kernel... pre any key to continue... decompressing Linux... parsing booting the kernel
  10. hi bros, I need some advise for preparing CCIE SEC lab devices. I am thinking to setup virtual environment, so I bought a whitebox ESXi server with following setup. whitebox ESXi with E3/32G/5NIC I also got some hardware boxes which I used for prepare CCIE RS v4 before 5x cisco 1841 4x cisco 2611xm 2x catalyst 3560 2x catalyst 3550 1x cisco 2511 (access server) 1x ASA 5505 my question is, 1. does above equipment still can be use in SEC track? use real equipment combine with virtual ESXi? or should I use full virtual environment? 2. should I use the tutorial on this forum with IOU v22 or use ulabnet? please kindly help to provide your opinion. thanks!
  11. the link is broken.. can you re-upload it? thanks
  12. thanks...and yes, I am lucky to get it before V5. I was so desperate when I failed the first time, there was no any sit available anywhere around the world. and I have prepare V4 for a year. gladly, cisco open more sit lately. so I got a second chance.
  13. I did not check the qos setting on R1... only R2/R3... I match the default class "match qos-group mpls exp topmost" on the egress I also match default class "set precedence qos-group" the output is exactly as shown.
  14. I found solution!! we need to specify the "ipv6 ospf network nonbroadcast" under the sub interface. thanks!!
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