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  1. No link is working.... please update the links
  2. unfortunately...only 1 vdom is allowed in evaluation license
  3. Hi guys , How to find CCIE sec v5 study materials. Is someone already shared on the forum. Please suggest
  4. Sorry about your loss....i passed ccie at first attempt in last December...sorry to say that but if you do well cisco never fails you because at the end its not proctor who gives you points. You should sit with someone who already passed exam and tell him everything you did in exam. Don't give up you will get it in next attempt.
  5. how he left the lab in 30m.... first section is tshoot which is unchanged and then DIAG... last section is config... which is almost 3hours before the config section to began
  6. well that seems to be getting serious.... if its true then nightmare for peoples who booked the lab... including me
  7. i totally don't understand newcayman. He is sharing the topology but not the questions. How someone in the world can remember the whole topology and cannot remember few questions. Even the topology didn't looks legitimate. As all we know that cisco can change lab anytime but this guy is just faking us. If he is real he have to share the real questions. Admin please ban this guy we don't trust his information at all.
  8. Thanks man... Please also update us if any other changes are there...
  9. arif38

    Finally - CCIE RS

    Congratzz for the number... Great Feedback
  10. arif38

    B1 Ticket 3

    Thanks mate....your great
  11. arif38

    B1 Ticket 3

    donhamed007 its works ..... thanks can you please explain what it means...... i googled it but didn't understand "on-startup"
  12. arif38

    B1 Ticket 3

    Hi, I am little bit confused in B1 ticket 3 in which R5 have "max-metric router-lsa" command and that should be removed to get the output. But exam restriction says do not remove any configuration just modify it.
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