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  1. try to contribute and help... instead of asking for readymade meal....!!
  2. none of the 2 keys work - resend key..
  3. I found this a bit amusing... "Founder of $25k Group - Coaches Paula Abdul" I'll pass... thanks for the share though
  4. no question banks I have... just aws courses shared here..
  5. yep ditto request... thanks
  6. Friends, Does anyone have any recent experience (failed or passed) on AWS security speciality exam ? Thanks Note: I know preparation info is shared.. just wanted to check how the exam is these days..
  7. [hide][Hidden Content]] english [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: only 5 downloads per IP limit... enjoy..
  8. Here you go... [hide][Hidden Content]] Note: this is an .epub and not a pdf.
  9. Link is working fine... just checked.
  10. yes, this will be helpful if someone could upload...
  11. jaguar777

    CISCO Architect CCAr

    Hey Ro0t, For cisco CCAr - what does count is real field experience in technologies and how, why, why not, design options or decisions you made or you would go with justifying the reasons for options and most importantly how it aligned with business strategy or business need (i mean to say is how the design or architecture you did benefitted the business and so forth). It's a costly affair... many case studies and interviews (i think it's 3 stages).. Ofcourse, go for it, always thrive for the best and the be the best. I wish you the very best and keep us all posted.
  12. Thanks LocknLoad for the detailed feedback. You'll surely pass the exam on next attempt.
  13. @chrishe - patience is the only option for the books your link is pointing to - This title will be released on April 22, 2019
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