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  1. Dear Staff, Could you please change my username to B0FH1 Thanks, as i am unable to PM
  2. appreciate if someone could upload sec503 - Intrusion Detection In-Depth complete with PDF and USB latest (or) 2019 version
  3. Thank you so much klashnikov :) this is a great Christmas present for everyone just curious by any chance you got sec503
  4. +1 Hope someone can share to community
  5. could you please share again! those who have already downloaded please try to share thanks
  6. I missed GB organized by Tonycert. Appreciate if anyone could share dumps Thanks
  7. Really appreciate if someone could share DVD and Tools for 560 - 2015 and above if possible God Bless
  8. Hello Staffs, I missed old GB which happened for Redhat Ondemand Videos Is there anyway i can get in touch with GB organizer to get things started.
  9. i would require PDF's, could anyone share the PDF's if available
  10. Thank you for sharing the material
  11. this was an old training for packet analysis the new one is for implementing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth Need the old Packet analysis couse from SANS
  12. Update : these docs are freely available from docs.redhat thnx for single archive
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