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  1. Thease are the chapters * Work as the root user by controlling, monitoring, and automating programs * Setup BIND, Apache, MySQL, Sendmail/Postfix, and Wu-FTPD/Pro-FTPD * Establish servers for intranets and the Internet * Speed up user experience with the transparent Squid proxy server * Use a Samba server to set up file and printer sharing between Linux and Windows systems * Secure your server with netfilter, firewalls, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and more The Web site features links to the following: * Source distributions of Apache, Perl, PHP, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and MySQL database + development * ProFTPD source and/or RPM distribution * qmail distribution * Open source version of Tripwire distribution * Squid proxy server * Other open source utilities and security tools I dont think it has something rare so that I can buy this. Besides, the book is very cheap from amazon. Its not bad If anyone buy this.
  2. Hi, 125 210 310 318 236 405 280 403 I can see there are 8 books And you want to pay $100 each which means (8 books x $100)= $800 Why dont you add some more bucks and get RHLS (Red Hat Learning Subscription) I can help you buying in a cheap rate. Knock me if you want to buy RHLS. But please stop gray marketing. Regards Kawsar
  3. Fake FAKE. He basically accessed one of the student exam stations somehow. And got these xml files. This is why it is highly restricted
  4. who will follow this course and appear on the RH342 vendor exam , will "FAIL" Trust me. the exam is a nightmare
  5. kawsar

    1 + 2 +3 x 0?

  6. RedHat itself designed the course based on the Ansible documentation where in the 407 book redhat given the reference of Ansible documentation. There are a lot of tutorials based on Ansible over internet. Still, Redhat designed courses are master pieces so spend some money and take the course. Free education sometimes useless.
  7. Very good. You have wasted your money. Go practice the labs well if you wanna get passed. it is a very easy exam dude. Just complete the "performance Checklists" from the rh124,rh134 book.
  8. Complete this one. Lets see if you can take the load. [Hidden Content]
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