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  1. The dump is not enough.A lot of new questions about ucs. There was questions, where is the output of the environment and you need to determine which command to find one of the errors. In my case, the answer was connect iom <chassis ID> show platform software woodside sfp 0 ni0 - This command shows the transceiver details within the woodside IOM NIF ports. To prepare, you need to study well the documentation for solving problems in UCS (hardware, SAN ..) . + troubleshooting n9k (hardware, ospf, vxlan ...) Perhaps there are good dump now. I didn't have a good dump.
  2. Yes. Passed the exam. But it was difficult.
  3. Hello! Today was the exam. The exam is very difficult, there are many new questions. many questions about cisco ucs.
  4. new question: [Hidden Content] Guys, if anyone has new questions or have any dumps, please share.
  5. Hi, Could you please will share the exam 300-615? Thanks!
  6. guys who recently took or are taking an exam in the near future - what material are you preparing for? Who can give feedback on the exam?
  7. New QUESTION in Cisco UCS Central you have a certificate that has the status set to Not Yet Valid. Which scenario could cause theissue? A. The certificate field is empty. B. The time is incorrectly synchronized. C. The trusted point uses a bundled certificate that has a minimum depth of 10. D. The certificate is issued by a different trusted point. Correct Answer: B
  8. I think there are a number of not actual questions from 100Q, but I don't know which ones. there are errors in the answers
  9. guys who have new exam details?
  10. guys, what do you think about question # 55? I cannot understand how this answer came about. Who can tell if the correct answer is in the dump and how did this answer come about?
  11. Thank. What mistakes did you find? I think there is a mistake in the answer: Q55 - I don't know the answer yet. studying. Q62 - I think the answer is correct A
  12. no information. haven't taken the exam yet.
  13. Wonderful! My congratulations!!! Were there any new questions besides these 60?
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