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  1. Hi All, Please do not post "add me in". Just send me personal message. The group was created and has more that 17 members. Kind Regards Dedo
  2. This is normal, a lot of people are trying to pass before the change. The situation was the same when the RS exam changed from 4.0 to 5.0. Some people was selling seats.
  3. Hi Cisco has a lot of work to do and probably not enough time. Study materials are not ready, one certification guide for bot CCNP and CCIE sounds strange. There is also error in Cisco CCIE Ent page showing the software versions. SD-WAN IOS-XE 16.12 is not compatible with Cisco SD-WAN (vManage, vBond, vSmart) Software Release 18.4. SD-WAN has to be 19.2.X or 19.3.X. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] I am very excited to see the new LAB but I will never go in the first 6 months after the release. Kind Regards Dedo
  4. Hi all, Please send me personal message with skype ID, My suggestion is the group to have regular calls and discussions. For example ones per week or few times per week. I am preparing study span. Last week I was on Cisco SD-WAN training and I can share all my knowledge from it. We have to think how to build a LAB. Kind Regards Dedo.
  5. Hi superwolfboy, Thank you for sharing. Kind Regards Dedo.
  6. Hi all, Any update for the new VIRL 1.6.65 or VIRL 1.7 updated images ? Please share. Kind Regards Dedo
  7. Dedo222


    Hello All Can you please share 98-365 exam question on vce or pdf. Thank you
  8. LabMinutes-SD-Access Video Bundle English | Size: 3.42 GB Category: Cisco | Networking | Wireless [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi MYCCIENETWORK, Read the exam questions carefully with understanding. If it is not mentioned anything about it in the exam do not do it. I know that in real situation you have to prevent private networks being advertised into the internet but this is exam. Do not memorize WB questions and solutions. Kind Regards Dedo
  10. Hi All, The topics covered in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure are more relevant to the market needs. We have SD-WAN, SD-Access and programming. Till now I was preparing for CCIE RS but I think that it is the best to go to the new LAB exam. I am starting a new study group for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. Kind Regards Dedo
  11. Please share Labminutes SD-Access one more time. thank you
  12. Add me in the group please
  13. Hello Vasilyok, Thank you for sharing the student guides. Do you have the LAB guide? Kind Regards Dedo
  14. Hi mahmutaydin I had this Q in my exam. It had 6 answers here you have 4. I cannot tell you the correct answers Kind Regards Dedo
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