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  1. I was using EICAR previouslt to test the Malwares. Now they have removed their file from http links. Is there any other way we can test the IPS/AMP feature by accessing the the websites and see the IPS/AMP device is really blocking them?
  2. Looks like it is released now and someone posted on LinkedIn.
  3. cciehome

    Working Viptela Lab

    SD-WAN is a killer. Needs lot of resources. I tried with AMD and lot of noise coming from the laptop and so much heat. Intel is better for virtualization. Use GCP with Eve-NG pro as mentioned above or better go for some rack rental.
  4. I am looking for these lab guides from a long time. Pls share if any one have. [Hidden Content] This bundle covers the following self-paced learning labs: Total 25 hours of Lab access. –Cisco SD-WAN Overlay bringup lab – 3hours –Cisco SD-WAN Templates Lab – 3hours –Cisco SD-WAN VRRP Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN OMP Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN VPN Segmentation Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN Hub and Spoke Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN Internet Exit DIA Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN Application Firewall Data Policies Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN Application Aware Routing Lab – 3hours –Cisco SD-WAN Service Chaining Lab – 2hours –Cisco SD-WAN TLOC Extension Lab – 2hours FAQ: Does these labs include lab guide? Yes. You will have access to lab guide and it is valid for 365 days. How long do I have access to the lab? You will get one time access to each lab for the number hours mentioned above. Lab validity is 365days.
  5. This link is no longer available. Can you share the updated one?
  6. Share the output of below "show control connections-history: on vManage, vSmart and vEdge show orchestrator connections-history on vBond
  7. I have installed acisim-5.0.1K. I am able to login to CLI, but GUI is not working. Not able to ping OOB-Mgmt IP address even though interface shows up.
  8. Looks like they removed it and uploaded few videos to their youtube channel. I remember someone shared a downloadable link earlier in this forum. Pls check once.
  9. IOS-XE SD-WAN has lot of bugs. vEdge works fine with all the features it supports. Looks like Cisco is trying to kill vedge and promote cEdge with more features.
  10. Can someone share the Cisco SD-WAN labs covered by Learnedze here [Hidden Content]
  11. Looking for SD-WAN and SD-Access official cert guides. Can someone share?
  12. Links not working. Can someone share updated link?
  13. I have checked with Learnedze sales team for further videos and looks like they are doing only corporate trainings for now and schedule is busy till Feb2020. Does anyone have their other videos and share the recordings if any?
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