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  1. sourced from learningdl [dot] net. thanks to original poster. all original links went to nitroflare and rapidgator Cause archive is so big i extracted only pdfs (2018) and video (is 2018 even if in archive say 2019). the other part up to 68Gb is the USB don't ask for upload on mega or some other ... site. just enjoy it pdfs [hide][Hidden Content]] video part 1-3 [hide][Hidden Content]] video part 4-7 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. password is liansec.net
  3. just google after it and will find very quick
  4. in the same archive with course pdf is a txt file with password for the pdf. it is : 0yaAXV3dM*y~]3a:ej4;VVRNyO&F5z
  5. Founded while surfing on net. all links where rapidgator&nitroflare so i uploaded on a free site [Hidden Content] credit goes to the original uploader
  6. you're right, it is working. course pdfs and mp3s. sorry, no usb, way too big [Hidden Content]
  7. better tell us where you find those links, or look around, maybe are posted on other sites too. part 17 link seems to be dead
  8. nothing new. just another packing. all were shared previously
  9. 2 and 3 opening without problems in acrobat, 1,4,5 don't 1,4,5 opening without problem in edge & chrome
  10. search for resilio in this forum
  11. great post just a mirror [hide][Hidden Content]] thanks pchan
  12. In fact it's 2019 not 2020, but of very good quality. pdf, mp3, on-demand. Great work !
  13. dbf75

    SANS 460

    see [Hidden Content]
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