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  1. great post just a mirror [hide][Hidden Content]] thanks pchan
  2. In fact it's 2019 not 2020, but of very good quality. pdf, mp3, on-demand. Great work !
  3. dbf75

    SANS 460

    see [Hidden Content]
  4. this is just a copy/paste from tut4dl. not even bothered to post on some free storage site about mega, why all the people require mega ? didn't you notice how fast posts on mega disappear ? faster than we post
  5. reuploaded on wetransfer. link available for a week [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. founded on web on "you know what" site. uploaded on wetransfer. links available for a week Enjoy ! [Hidden Content]
  7. there are all slides. no labs for chapter 1&18 but may be so by design. Great share
  8. search on previous posts. ECSA v10 lab guide&manuals were posted previously. if not here use google and you can find them on web CEH v10 manual&lab guide weren't published here or on web. only tools and lab virtual machines
  9. only part 1,2,3,7 and 15 are on mega. Would you be so kind to upload the other parts ? Thank you
  10. bullshit. there are only tools, no courseware. until now i haven't saw the original courseware on web, only the tools. whoever pretend to have courseware always presented packed with tools and after download you find out that is no courseware
  11. better go and get the ecsa v10 books. far more interesting than ceh v10 and could be find on internet
  12. search on T U T 4 D L . C O M after SEC401
  13. only a very old one [hide][Hidden Content]]
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