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  1. I'm signed up for Nov 30th. Do you guys think the dump will still be valid by then?
  2. @MasterCCIEzon, I'm getting the same error.
  3. Hey mates, Would the Eleventh Hour CISSP book be enough to prepare for the CISSP exam? I'm trying to come up with a study plan. -Kahindi
  4. Passed today. Nothing new. . . Everything has already been mentioned in this forum. Don't be lazy and ask for the questions. . . Review SPOTO 136 and go back several pages and look at the new questions that were discussed here. Also there are two topics in the shared forum that dicuss new questions.
  5. Taking the exam today. I will update shortly after.
  6. That doesn't mean the company must be in Amsterdam.
  7. Agreed. B is the answer. All the others are silly choices.
  8. So no one is sharing the new questions?
  9. Did you see 25 or so new questions like the others are saying?
  10. I believe the EIGRP drag and drop is regarding packet type definitions.
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