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  1. Could you upload to mega please
  2. Hi All, Passed today with 944/1000 using the consolidated material shared by itmay8, thanks to you bro. The questions were exactly the same, there are no new questions.
  3. Congrats Payotesi, Did you use the same, shared by itmay8 (consolidated one with 100q) shared in the above link ?
  4. Do u still have the ccie voucher. I need one for ccie security written 400-251. Can u Pls pm me
  5. Could anyone confirm if this is valid please ?
  6. Dear Golden Tulip, I did not find the Listening Scripts within the compressed folder. You have missed adding IELTS listening scripts. Can you please provide the Listening scripts for the Collins material you have uploaded. Will appreciate your quick response
  7. Hi Bhaskar, Can you share your experience on VCIX-NV exam ?
  8. Hey XxQuaDxX, You really rock man !!! Thank you so much ! Regards, Sanjay
  9. Hi, Can you share the voucher please: Posting Email ID is strictly not allowed. Read and follow the forum rules or get banned. That should be a great help ! Regards, Sanjay
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