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  1. Anyconnect is related to WSA, NGIPS section. so if anyconnect didn't work means your 30% gone for CFG.
  2. So true I had a argument on one of known forum many years back for this same topic.
  3. WSA/ESA eval license hard to get now a days. Even Cisco has stooped giving those 45-demo license you need to provide a business case to have those. So better u can contact any partner or Cisco accnt manager to get those. NGIPS - U can use Soucefire demo mode to get 90 days free trail.
  4. don't have any internet security or anti virus active.. I downloaded from rapidgator
  5. While extracting gettting the following error
  6. To some extend yes, but limitations would be there with L3.. So somewhere in your network u have do L3 routing part. Dot1x and MAB will work. CTS is doubtful but give it a try if u have the box. So not an option if u plan to buy the box.
  7. There is no specific update path. You can directly upgrade to the desired code.
  8. There is no easiest upgrade but the process itself is easy. Just download the code from Cisco and upload it to WLC then it will reboot with new code. Just incase you have lots of APs connected to this controller then you make sure that the APs are upgraded 1st.
  9. Please check Cisco ASAv limitations first. ASAv OS has inbuilt MGMT interface. It depends where u r hosting that image (ESXI / VMwareworkstation/ EVE),U have configure on the host device. [Hidden Content]
  10. passleader 275 is valid but there are new questions around 13. So be careful.. Read OSPF, Spine and Leaf, Passed yesterday 850+.
  11. VinoySC

    CCIE-DC-Ver 2

    their rack sucksssss... either it will becoz it will heat up... or the electricity will be down...so u r out of ur session...
  12. lab 5 Bengalore But updated..with ise n l2 and l3 issue..
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