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  1. Did anyone pass the exam recently?
  2. Hi Guys, I passed the exam recently with flaying colors Thanks God. Just study hard the official materials; you will find them in the below post, try to make LABs to get familiar with the commands; and try all command options, the exam is doable so do not depend on dumps. [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks a million do you have the JSDNF course material ?
  4. As I understand the CoS is not included in the exam !! right? do you know anyone passed recently to confirm ?
  5. Congrats could you please tell me if you find any questions related to CoS in this exam? I appreciate your help.
  6. JNCIA Junos P1 and P2 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. hi guys, I can see in the official training a chapter for CoS, however it's not included in the study guides P1 and P2, could you please if you took the exam in the last few months confirm if there is questions regarding the CoS or not? I appreciate your help.
  8. Thanks my friend So jncia-study-guide-p1 and p2 are enough to pass the exam, right ?
  9. Did you passed this exam recently ?
  10. Hi Guys, is the 173q still valid for 642-999 ? I have an exam soon.
  11. Hi guys, Anyone pass 642-999 recently ? Thanks. Is 173q valid ?
  12. /26 is more specific, so the correct answer is D.
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