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  1. do anybody have image that supports MAB and Trustsec/CTS ?
  2. any one cisco switch VIRL image that support trustsec ?
  3. I am using both 6.1 version. I can get the NGIPS events on my vFMC without any problem.
  4. My events start working, I turned IPS policies to maximum detection.
  5. I download qcow2 extension and then moved into eve-ng. Then I powered up and configured basic steps. Then register NGIPS to FMC, policies are working but unable to get events. I have activated 90 days evaluation license.
  6. Hi Guys I am working with my EVE-NG for Cisco vFMC and vNGIPS, the access control policy is working but I am not getting any log. I have enabled the Begin logs and event viewer as well. But Under analysis-> I am not able to see any event. Any Idea?
  7. Hi I am trying clustering feature in Cisco ASA with 9.1 image in EVE-NG. Anyone got luck to enable clustering feature for Cisco ASA 9.1 image ?
  8. Hi, I have ASA 9.1 image, I am using in EVE-NG. It works for me but I want to enable cluster feature. Anyone luck to enable to the Cisco cluster feature ?
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