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  1. once you enroll, udemy course stays in your account for life
  2. Dear admins.. How to Change username for our own account
  3. Yes, Passed the exam on Saturday.. Around 10-12 new questions.. the snippet with VLAN/.1Q , GRE, VRF-Lite etc was there.. Question: which Component of network Architecture is shown. Answer: Network Services Virtualisation.. 2. which 2 design decisions can improve network Resiliency? answer: Redundant Topology and Redundant links. there were 3 drag and drops in the exam. Surprised to see the passing score is 86% which is ridiculous.
  4. Okay. good luck for the next attempt . Have you used the 551+57 dumps? are they not valid.. I am attempting mine on Saturday
  5. Have you passed the exam? Are the dumps valid?
  6. Dear All, Has anyone passed CCDA recently? If yes, Is there an update after (551+57 new Q&A'S). Please share if anyone have the dumps Thanks,
  7. Dear All, Please add me to the group as well.. Taking the exam this week
  8. Hello there! Did you attempt this exam?
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