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  1. This has been published now and I hope someone can share it here. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Even they are old stuff but still relevant and handy.
  3. Hi friends, Anybody got the following book? Cisco CCNP Security SNCF Firepower 700-310 Study Guide: Todd Lammle Authorized Thanks.
  4. Hi folks, Anyone got this book in pdf/ePub? Essential Firepower Your best practice guide to configuring Cisco's Next Generation Firewall By: Alex Tatistcheff Published: May 2019 Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I have downloaded the file but I can't open it. Anybody knows how to open the 6 GB file? Thanks.
  6. Hi friends, Anyone got this book "Cisco Unified Presence Fundamentals"? It has been out a couple of weeks back, but I can't find it anywhere. I'll really appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. xeskino

    Sip Trunking

    Thanks alot and I really appreciate it
  8. xeskino

    Sip Trunking

    Hi there, What is the password for this file to open? Thanks.
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