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  1. Congrats . i started to study the material.Hopefully will apply for exam next month. Any advise you can give ? the material that i have is 2010. is it the same materilatill now? or it has been modified. specially on the Screen options. i think that this part specifically should keep updating. Can you please share with me anything you find usefull ??? appreciate it. thanks,
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    I have a question which confused me because my answer was different than the answer in the material. Although i was sure of my answer, anyone can answer it? There are 4 static routes below: > next hop > next hop > next hop > next hop which next-hop IP address will be used for the destination IP address thanks, Ahmed.
  3. Hi all, anyone can help with exam practices ?? i am gonna have my JNCIA exam next Sunday
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    hi arditsferdelli, for your first question you can check this link [Hidden Content] However, i am currently studying the material of JNCIA and haven't seen traffic sampling been introduced anywhere !!. regarding your 2nd question, based on the above configuration sample. The traffic from destined to will be policed, since it doesnt fall into any of the previous terms and the last term doesn't have any match statement. thanks, Ahmed.
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