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  1. Share them in the forum and we will correct them
  2. Is this valid ? and how many questions are there in the exam ?
  3. Kindly if anyone has the latest dump file for (300-410 ENARSI)
  4. I used this file and compared the answers with vceguide website and read the comments there also I did the fortinet courses and their website. if you will you take the course you will notice the exam question directly from the course
  5. Thank you bro, Is the boson the latest or old ?
  6. There is a discord group discussing cissp evey second , very crazy peaple there if you want to participate called isc cnn i think
  7. I tried to download this torrent but looks no seeders
  8. I have done the exam and passed months ago I shared it three months ago , also u can go vceguide , its the same , i dont have that file now also I am not sure wheather still valid
  9. I have done the exam and passed months ago
  10. I have taken the exam two months ago , I followed vceguide website dump , its the same,also the questions stright forward from the course in their website
  11. All question from there,6.0 not 6.2 tomorrow I will share 5.0
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