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  1. You can find all other materials on this forum.
  2. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. use "use ip verify unicast source reachable via rx" because you're not advertising default route.
  4. I found all workbooks and topologies here on this forum.
  5. Actually, I really studied for CCIE. As I wrote before, I went through Cisco's blueprint and studied until I knew at least something about every technology. I bought INE all access pass and went through Advanced Technologies and troubleshooting sections. Also, I went through every workbook on INE + Cisco360. In the beginning, I bought lots of tokens for rack rentals and in the end I rented server where I installed eve-ng and imported all labs you can find in this forum. I received several PM's, so here is my answer to you again: "Read assigments slowly with understanding and try to reproduce outputs (traceroutes, show commands) as they are on the pictures."
  6. Do not ask me where I was, how many attempts I had and send me PM's... You can find all materials on this forum - here is just my feedback so that you know that Holly Maya is passable. Take my advice and study for this exam (check out blueprint/learning matrix): do not learn this by heart and hope to pass. Read assigments slowly with understanding and try to reproduce outputs (traceroutes, show commands) as they are on the pictures. I never had the same TS and every time I had different config. TS2 [Hidden Content] Diag Multicast, HSRP H3 [Hidden Content]
  7. hi all, i had some new variant of TS2 (failed because of it): [Hidden Content] I solved 8/10 (same output as they wanted) and failed with 50% in TS. -.- This is my second time I failed because of TS2
  8. Hello, Did anyone manage to solve MPLS ticket? Trace should go from Server 1 (10.1.201.X) to via MPLS cloud. In case of MPLS failure, traceroute should go through DMVPN. I do understand that there are faults on R1/R5 (ospf and mpls configuration) + R3 (vrf configuration) but i see here on forum that the solution to the loop problem is to erase distanceospf external 19 in ospf routing process or to put the value higher than 200 (iBGP AD). I do not understand what matter does it have since the OSPF in DMVPN is in area 0 and not in some other area - route from DC to is not IA since we have all networks in single ospf area 0. Please be so kind and comment.
  9. Hello, Would anyone be so kind and reshare pcaps from diagnostics so I can open them in Wireshark and learn/troubleshoot? Thank you in advance
  10. thank you - I'm using eve. I also found out that lots of H2 Workbooks are filled with errors and that workbooks are not compatible with available labs here for IOU/eve. :/
  11. Unfortunately I don't remember any details because I found workbooks here after I failed. I found here workbooks for TS (Old and new) and H1 and H2. If H3 workbook is available, I would be very thankful. It was lapsus - I corrected it. Ty
  12. What kind of details are you interested in? My path was (lab preparation): - CCIE R&S blueprint - INE advanced technologies, Cisco documentation - labs/workbooks (can be find for IOU): 1. INE CCIE R&S v5 Advanced Foundation Labs 2. INE Advanced Troubleshooting Labs 3. INE CCIE R&S v5 Full-Scale Labs 4. INE CCIE R&S v5 Mock Labs 5. Cisco 360 CCIE R&S LAB 6. Cisco 360 CCIE R&S Troubleshooting p.s. for people who are sending me pm's - I cannot reply because of "An error has occurred. You must have 5 posts in order to send messages."
  13. Hi, I was taking my first attempt in like three weeks ago, so here is just my experience/what I had (I found this site recently and it took me some time to find out what nomenclature is for TS and configs, so...). What I had? - TS2 - Diag (newest with DHCP snooping and TCL script) - H1 config (remembered because of VTP password CCIErocks?) What happened? I panicked. Overall, the exam was not so hard but I was overwhelmed with the size of topology. How I prepaired myself Ine Cisco 360
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