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  1. To prove I was wrong with my answer I logged into the APIC GUI of a live ACI environment from one of my customers, and into a TEST Tenant and in a test App N. Profile I went to a test App EPG that was previously created and tried to do: A. Another Operations Engineer associated a different Bridge Domain to Exchange application EPG mistakenly. --> YOU CAN'T DO IT DIRECTLY FROM THE APP EPG ITSELF B. Another Operations Engineer deleted the Exchange application filter mistakenly. --> FILTERS ARE CREATED IN SUBJECTS AND ASSOCIATED TO A CONTRACT (NOT RELATED TO THE PROBLEM) C. Another Operations Engineer assigned a different Physical Domain to Exchange application EPG mistakenly. --> YOU CAN'T DO THAT. YOU CAN ASSOCIATE A NEW DOMAIN BECAUSE THE RELATIONSHIP IN THE MIT (OBJECT MODEL) IS 1:n. BUT THIS WILL NOT BREAK THE WORKING DOMAIN. IF YOU WANT TO ASSIGN A DIFFERENT DOMAIN YOU MUST REMOVE THE PREVIOUS DOMAIN. SO WE ARRIVED TO answer D D. Another Operations Engineer deleted the Physical Domain from Exchange application EPG mistakenly. --> YOU CAN DO THIS AND THIS CAN BREAK COMMUNICATIONS
  2. @nightwolf: NO it is not sarcasm. When you do a scientific affirmation (and IT is a science like medicine or biology or...) you must (MUST !!!) reason based in evidence (or at least based in your hypothesis based in some kind of evidence) If you said the right answer is D and you does not provide any kind of reasoning based on evidence then your answer is worth nothing. But you have made a reasoning. You choose D and you passed OMG ! (this is sarcasm) So your evidence is: your election was D and because you passed it is the right answer. So in my exam I chose A and I also passed. So then two questions are valid (sarcasm another time) BUT only one answer is correct: The right answer is D and I perfectly know based on evidence. But why? Can someone who is a CCIE (recertification purposes) or who wants to be a new one (certification purposes) explain why ?
  3. Dear massuncao, You say "you think" D is correct. Why ? If you were MD or a medicine student and you make an affirmation like you made they would laught at you. Why ? Because the basis of science is evidence not eminence. And I used to practice this evidence based science. Coming back to your affirmation: YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT! THE RIGHT ANSWER IS D FOR SURE. ! So now I know this was one of the wrong answers I made in the exam. But why ???? I know perfectly why but I leave you the answer for you massuncao, because when someone affirms something this must be supported with one explanation.... right...or wrong... but one explanation. I made my reasoning wrong but I did it !
  4. Thread closed to prevent spamming and topic bumping
  5. Shared here [Hidden Content]
  6. The last one also showed up in my exam and I'm pretty sure D is right ! When you attempt to apply a new service profile in Cisco UCS Manager, you are presented with this error messages. Which cause is the most probable? A. The service profile is using more vHBAs than the physical adapter can support. B. The service profile is using more vNICs than the physical adapter can support. C. No more UUIDs are available in the pool to be assigned. D. The service profile is tied to a server pool that has no available blades.
  7. This one also appeared at my exam and A and B was my election Which two items must be reinstalled when downgrading firmware on an ACI fabric? (Choose two.) A. Cisco AVS/AVE B. device packages C. telemetry sensors D. ACI vCenter plugin E. AppCenter apps
  8. ATTENTION DEAR CC MEMBERS TRYING TO PASS CCIE DC WRITTEN. THE ANSWER OF THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN CHANGED. RIGHT ANSWER IS D FOR SURE ! This one showed up in my exam and it is difficult one for me: My election was A because I assumed an ACI network-centric implementation VLAN= BD=EPG. But not sure of it (WAS ONE OF MY WRONG ANSWERS FOR SURE) Which action during the previous change window is a possible cause of the access issue to the Exchange application? A. Another Operations Engineer associated a different Bridge Domain to Exchange application EPG mistakenly. B. Another Operations Engineer deleted the Exchange application filter mistakenly. C. Another Operations Engineer assigned a different Physical Domain to Exchange application EPG mistakenly. D. Another Operations Engineer deleted the Physical Domain from Exchange application EPG mistakenly.
  9. Hi Juka I answer the rest of the questions posted Q8. Can we see from the interface output if the device is C series or B series ? [Hidden Content] TAKE A LOOK AT THE ANSWER POSTED BY farudon. HE/SHE HAS EXPLAINED IT VERY WELL !!! Which two statements about the physical leaf interface configuration are true'? (Choose two) A. Auto Mdix mode detects the cable connection type and configures the connection appropriately B. The port usage type is "Blacklist" by default C. A port connected to an APIC has usage type of EPG. Infra. and Controller D. When not configured the default AFP information displayed on an interface defaults to the system defined AEP. E. The administrative port layer state can be switched. Routed, or P2P SO SORRY Juka I HAVE LOGIN INTO A LIVE ACI ENVIRONMENT AND YOU ARE RIGHT !!! This question does no appeared in my exam. Apologies for the mistake !!!!! Which statement about updating the service profile is true? A. Changes made to a vNIC template that is an Initial template are propagated to the service profile if the service profile template is Updating. B. Updating service profile templates can have vNIC and vHBA templates that are Initial templates. C. Updating service profile templates cannot have vNIC and vHBA templates that are Initial templates. D. Updating service profile templates can only be applied to an existing service profile. E. Changes made to a vNIC template that is an Updating template are not propagated to the service profile if the service profile template is Initial. I believe it's B the correct answer but unfortunately you will have to access an UCSPE to be completely sure (or a live UCS system of course)
  10. @farudom: Yes I am aware of both errors. I readed those guides and for me they are not related to the problem. It clearly states "for new installations" so does not apply to this case. The closest I have been with this error is with [Hidden Content] and for me the only answer with a little sense is the one I selected in my exam. Of course you can do whatever you want. At the end my score was very very poor (but I passed !)
  11. Which two Layer 4 – Layer 7 parameters are needed to do route peering with a Layer 4 – Layer 7 service device in Cisco ACI? (Choose two) A. Under the device interface, the L3 out must be selected B. A valid router configuration must be set under the service graph template C. Under the device interface , the path must be selected D. A router ID must be assigned under the Layer 4-Layer 7 device E. The connector type must be set to “Layer 2 Peering” It was in my exam and my election was C and D. In the past when I did routing peering with ACI (using SG) I needed to add the path to the device interface.
  12. Hi Juka I answer your questions above: Q3. [Hidden Content] Correct answer is A of course --> look at [Hidden Content] Which three of the following are key components to provide network connectivity to an loT Solution? (Choose three) A. Wireless B. Voice C. Routing D. Switching E. Service provider F. Firewalling This question appeared at my exam and for sure it is Routing Switching and Wireless ! (ACD) (one more C and you have a superb australian band ) Q5. A network architect must migrate the legacy infrastructure switches of a customer from a Cisco Nexus 9000 platform. Which process helps achieve this milestone? A. Create a container providing separate execution space. B. Allow guest temporary access to the CLI without logging in. C. Manage software upgrades via guest shell. D. Set up a web-based interface for configuration management. The only answer with some logic is A. So at the exam I should definetly choose A. But these are the typical nonsense Cisco questions or at least the ones which deserve more context explanationQ4. Q2 in these demo dumps [Hidden Content] I believe that answer should be B but others say D is correct. what is your opinion This question showed up in my exam. I answered D. The error says adaptor inoperable. Nothing about any deprecation. I believe UCS does not let you update the firmware if any deprecated hardware is found (not totally sure of it but by the error message D must be correct and was my election at the exam) Q9. Which three option can be used to determine REST API code to create an EPG?(Choose three) A. Using the show EPG configuration on the CLI of the APIC B. Perform HTTP GET method on [Hidden Content] IP>/doc/epg.xml which will return you necessary data to create EPG C. Call epgCreate()function in cobra API standard library D. using the APIC management information tree E. by downloading the XML configuration file and looking un an EPG configuration F. using the API inspector when creating a test EPG DEF is correct as per my knowledge. B is incorrect since method input is not valid. C is incorrect since i never found epgCreate function in corbra library. I am not sure about A. My freind said it doesnt work. So you think DEF is fully valid answer for this one It apperead at my exam and my election was DEF. You have explained why.
  13. I'm afraid I can not help you dear CC members. I passed the exam studying hard. I did not have time to review dumps. All the questions posted here are completely valid (and the questions in the exam were exactly the same). So I assume the source of these questions is a valid one. Due to the bullshit of having to renew CCIE every 2 years ....thanks Cisco for this holy shit and double thanks for protecting the investment done (CCIE ROI less than infinite).... as said (sorry for my gross words, but every time I have to renew my CCIE I became irritable) in my last renew I did the same exam (I'm a DC man) and it was funny because several questions were the same (amazing stability of the exam) One I remember (because it made me laugh just in the middle of the exam) is about Cisco 1000v and what protocols to use depending on if you want to do local switching or hair pinning. Question about 1000v ???? This was replaced by AVS and due to the fact VMware does not support any third party virtual switch (only VSS or DVS) this have been replaced by AVE. And they are asking about 1000v OMG what a f.... !!!!! Long story short: I am totally sure all the exam questions are valid. Lots of questions about ACI and programmability and automation but so easy. So dear members go for it !!!! I wish you the best luck
  14. Yes I agree with you Juka. In fact this question showed up in my exam (was one of several of this kind) In the output of lunlist (int the adapter config of UCS-FI) appeared a FCID of 0x000000 at the configured target (storage array) and a different pWWWN at the discovered target. So my election was something like "check the service profile". The key point is the FCID, meaning the configured target for Boot from SAN was not registered to the fabric possibly because it does not exist (error in the creation of the service profile)
  15. Hi Juka I prepared the exams studying (helped by the dilated in the field experience) I don't believe in shortcuts so dumps are not made for me (but I still find them a good suplemment). But I can try to help you with my recent exam experience (in the posted order): 1 - The IOM --> you have to connect all the cables (field experience) This question appeared in my exam --> B is the correct answer (for sure) 2- ACI question The correct answer is B B. under the Provider EPG > L4-L7 Service Parameters (for sure). This is specially a tricky question because when you first create the SG in ACI this parameters are in the deployed graph instance so D should be the right answer but the questions clearly states after you deploy not when you are deploying ! (it appeared y my exam) 3- It appeared in my exam and I don't remember my answer. I have never done this in real life so I don't honestly know the answer 4- Don´t know (it does not appeared in my exam) In the exam I had several (at least two) questions about lunlist so study this very carefully--> [Hidden Content] Good luck !
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