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  1. assuming your new site can ping across the vpn (you're advertising your routes, right?) just set option 150 on your new site's dhcp to the cme_hq and the phones will register. I did this same thing in afghanistan to make cisco phones register to a call manager in the US.
  2. i actually just took/passed (906) the exam on Tuesday and had this question on my exam. t302 will be one of the options (i chose it) there was nothing about using a # to proceed that I can recall.
  3. you may need to create a site code if you use overlapping numbers at the two locations, then just translate them once they hit the other end. sorry for the necro
  4. i passed it 2 weeks ago. i didnt really see much difference between cipt2 and ciptv2. I had a couple questions on the old school vcs stuff and one on expressway series. the rest was basic ccnp level stuff (well the MTP questions i had are actually straight out of the INE CCIE Collab videos)
  5. you can purchase licensing through my company. pm if you need licenses still.
  6. no sir, im sorry you can also pull bootable images from PUT
  7. Install mkisofs/genisoimage mount the iso copy contents to temp folder create bootable iso, boot-load-size should be 32, ensure you generate the boot-info-table, the bootable bin is isolinux/isolinux.bin
  8. do some research before asking dumb questions, it's not out yet. [Hidden Content]
  9. just added IM & Presence 11.x
  10. I upload here: [Hidden Content] Prime Collab Deployment ISO [Hidden Content] Cisco Paging Server 11.0.1 (Informacast) [Hidden Content] Cisco IM & Presence [Hidden Content] I have made all the ISOs bootable. Each ISO includes a vm8 OVA for vmware when applicable. If you need something else let me know and I'll try to get it. I dont upload old versions.
  11. I'm pulling UCM/CUC 11.x, PCD 11.x, Informacast 11 from cisco internal now. I thought I saw IM&P 11.x up but i cant find it now. I'll get them uploaded/torrented ASAP.
  12. demo from cisco cco
  13. I have 1G fiber service. I'm hoping to bypass the ONT and bring the fiber right into an mGBIC then split out the multicast for the iptv. have any of you worked wiht a small business router that can 1) handle 1Gbps wan to lan 2) do layer3 3) support multicast 4) ipv6? thanks!
  14. as a side note, i used the included demo licenses for CUCM, but the demo license for cucm via PLM is much longer. With a standalone PLM, i just snapshot it once i license everything with demo and then revert as needed. I then restore a DRS backup to get my stuff back.
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