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  1. for all who is trying to make it work. version 8 is outdated and wont be updated or authenticated. as version 9 is released. it mention in the rmc website that version 8 will not work. we have to wait if someone uploads version 9 of this wonderful simulator. whose who still want to try here is a working link of version 8 - [Hidden Content]
  2. the link is down, can you please reupload The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This could be due to the following reasons: The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation. Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist The file has been deleted by the user.
  3. im looking for this as well. the guidelines mention in PMI site is vague and if one had to read all books mentioned it will take a year or so. looking for something like RITA for PMP
  4. after wasting my time in previous nuggets ( 4th edition based) i discovered this
  5. Its _NOT_ Hot Topics PMP audio, its 2009 edition of book PMP exam prep book, abridged version
  6. thanks but any other mirror ? uploded is banned in my IP and other 2 need premium login
  7. sorry for quoting a little old thread, but are you suggesting to first go through classroom trainings and then any online if required ? majority of clasroom ask to take the exam withing 1-2 month of their training .. what if someone just started preparing ( kind of in initial step) .. is it adviced from them to join classroom in initial stage of preparation ? will it be easy enough to be fully prepared for passing the exam in 1 month of preparation with roughly 3hr of study everyday ?
  8. congrats slashinv !! my exam date is near joined here today home to get some valuable input here.
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