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  1. Thankss a million it's still working
  2. Thanks. But, what happened? Can anyone re upload please, thanks!
  3. Link's dead. Could you upload again?
  4. Cmon guys seed this torrent. Thanks! much appreciated
  5. Thanks for this valuable feedback. When you mention these tricky questions do you mean you really have to know vSRX cli syntax by heart or do you mean tricky questions in a more theoretical way as long as you understand the whole concept? I recall when I took a JNCIS exam in another track there were some questions involving the specific order of the arguments and you were expected to really be familiar with the CLI and the order of the commands. I really wish JNCIS-Sec isn't like this =/ Can you elaborate further on? Cheers dude!
  6. Bump! Has anybody passed yet?
  7. Could you please share if you have any updates on Juniper - JN0-691? Thank you! Owe you one!
  8. I second this or torrent. Please guys! Much appreciated.
  9. For those of you who's facing issues when trying to open this epub I suggest you try the Calibre epub reader. Worked like a charm. Thank you!
  10. You're the man outcast. I truly appreciate your dedication towards this community. Cheers!
  11. One of the best MPLS books ever, hands down! Seriously man, thank you I'm loving this book!
  12. Thank you for updating the JNCIE-SP bootcamp share! You're the man dude!
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