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  1. Hello community, I think this will be one of my weirdest questions ever, but my boss asked me for more improvements. What can I offer? First I have something to explain: We are a really good working company, where I am really satisfied about our IT. We have SCCM implemented, Cisco Wireless Infastructure, All Server are Win2008R2, with a Radius Server and a Cisco Firewall. The IT works fine, the user can work, they have everything they need. But my chef is now missing some improvements like we had in the beginning: Speed improvement (Cat6a, Fiber), we introduced a Wikipedia for the company for each departments with their FAQ, VPN possibilities to work also from home, PrintManagement, Security is also important for us, therefore we implemented several vlans with very tight access-lists. Now I am at a point where I say, the IT is running perfectly fine and also my boss cannot give me an suggestion what he would like to have. (I am proud and he sees only stagnation) The only thing I was thinking about was Sharepoint. But in real: We don`t need it. Upgrade Server to a newer version? Why? 2008 R2 runs fine and to buy a new one is only expensive and right know useless. So what have you implemented in your company to improve it? I know it is a weird question, but thank you for any serious answer. Thank you Paul
  2. Found the version AIR-CTVM-K9-8-1-120-0.aes here [Hidden Content] Thanks to root0
  3. Sorry, you wanted to have CT5500. That one I don`t have. Can be deleted
  4. Ehmm no. You can download every "ova" file free from cisco.com. Here is the link to the official site, the online thing is you have to register once: [Hidden Content]# You only need a contract for .AES files.
  5. Hello community I need your help please ;-) I have a vWLC (version I have configured an interface called office10 /24 (this is my office network) My management network is /24 (for all APs) I configured a network called "NormalOffice" with an interface/interfaceGroup "office10"(office network) and an preshared key. Now when the clients connect to this network with the preshared key they get an ip address from my dhcp server from the network 172.19.19.X. Great it is working as it should. Now I want to set-up a wireless network with an authentication from my Radius server: I followed this instructions from here to set-up a radius server: [Hidden Content] I configured a Radius server on WINServer2012R2. Installed certificate, configured NPS like in the tutorial above. Now on the vWLC I created a second wireless network called "RadiusOffice". Made the same settings like in the tutorial. Layer 2 security: WPA + WPA2 plus authentication 802.1X. Interface group is also set to office10 like in my first network (NormalOffice) The problem is now when the clients connect I get an ip address from my management network (192.168.200.X) and not from my office network. 1. What do I have to configure that my clients get a office ip address and not an ip from my management network? 2. What I don`t understand from the tutorial is, that he configures the wireless network to Layer2 security WPA+WPA2 plus authentication 802.1X. But why doesn`t he only change the Layer2 security to 802.1X? Thank you for your help Paul //Edit in Windows Server NPS Policy I also configured the VLAN attributes for the cisco wlc, but my clients get still an ip address from the same network of my access points. [Hidden Content] I got the information that I need FlexConnect groups. I made one but here are some pictures, I think than it is easier to see what I did:
  6. Found it! :-) [Hidden Content] Found it over here: [Hidden Content] I know it looks not serious, but I have checked the MD5 checksum with the orignal one provided here: [Hidden Content] and it is matching :-) Happy downloading
  7. Hello community, as my subject says, I am looking for "AIR-CTVM-K9-8-1-102-0.aes" This is the upgrade for the virtual wireless controller. Hopefully somebody has it. Thank you very much Paul //EDIT Downloadlinks two posts below //EDIT Downloadlinks 4 links below
  8. Hello community, I manage here a network with about 200 devices. I have also configured many vlans for different jobs like WlanAps, every wlan in their own vlan, vlan for our facescanners (to see when people come and go home), of course a management vlan ... and so on. Now we have in our company about 22 printers. They all are networking printers. So my question now is: Should I pack all printers in their own vlan? Is it intelligent to do so? Would that decrease the network traffic and increase the network stability of my network a bit? Only to mention, I don`t have networking troubles in my network. But I am always looking for improvements. Thank you
  9. Hello, I don`t know why my previous post was deleted here, I also didn`t get an PN or something, with an answer what was wrong with my post. I will try it again, only for you guys up in this forum, because it helped me as well many times. I am not an uploader but I found it on the internet. I checked also the MD5 hash with the original one. It matches - so it is the original version. Here is the link: [Hidden Content] Best regards Paul
  10. Have found it on the net, have downloaded it and checked the MD5 hash. It is the original one: [hide] [Hidden Content]] Greetings Paul
  11. Hello community, i am working around to get the port forwarding (Port 9001) working, but it doesn`t work and I am not really sure how to write the nat rule. I have made two things: 1. An static nat rule from outside to inside. Source Adress is my extern_ip adress of my router. Destination: one of my server. allow all services for now (only testing) nat (outside,inside) source static extern_ip extern_ip destination static in or nat (outside,inside) source static extern_ip extern_ip destination static Inno Inno service 9001 9001 no-proxy-arp 2. An access rule: (only for testing) access-list outside_access_in extended permit ip any any So, but the problem is, when I check the port, it is closed. Hope anybody can direct me into the right direction
  12. Hello community, I have a cisco 3750X Switch and a 2960 switch. Now we have purchased a SAN and the recommentation is to set the interface to a Jumbo Frame size of 9000. I have read and found out, that i can set the interfaces of the switch to support 9000 MTU size. The problem is that I can only set all interfaces to this jumbo size, but I only want one interface with this jumbo size. [Hidden Content] So how can i establish a interface configured with a jumbo frame mtu of 9000, without affecting the other interfaces? Because i think when i set this jumbo frame mtu all my connected switches will drop the pakets, and in the result I will have only a Jumbo configured switch, without any connections to the other switches X) Can anybody explain me, what I should do? I am very confused. Thank you
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