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  1. mega link is down. any chance to get new one?
  2. please someone upload it again
  3. anyone has non-premium links? or even premium links but smaller parts?
  4. @SailmnBackhack is there is any chance that you will get the rest?
  5. if some body, with good internet connection, compress those VMs and upload them again that would be great. compressing VM can significantly shrink it's size.
  6. I have a dream that we have a sans version of you.
  7. Windows forensics please. It was shared but never complete as far as I know.
  8. thanks a lot dreambuddy. I also got 2016 PDFs, but I'm not sure how much it's different than 2017 though.
  9. Kindly share SANS 504 2017 PDFs
  10. is it possible to upload to mega or wetranser?
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