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  1. Congratulation...!!!! Is CCSA 156-215.77 is the latest version ? Can you please upload the syllabus of this exam...? Thanks In Advance...
  2. Which is the Latest version of Exam.....156.215.76 or 156.215.77......????? and also What is the difference between both....????
  3. Hi Geeks, Congrats Rishab on your Success.... Can you please share your exam experience... Thanks & Regards.
  4. Is this a online exam with practical Lab or only Questions????? similar like CCNA exam..????
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone can share information regarding the CCSA Exam Format, Criteria to attempt exam, Cost, Validity of exam, Passing Score, Topics to cover, Version & other details. It would be appreciated for you share as i am a newbie to checkpoint. Thanks & Regards.
  6. Omagico...... Can u please share with me the section 5 solution of K7+ ..... i have my exam next week. Please reply promptly...
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