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  1. Please anyone? I would be highly obliged if someone shares whatever he/she has.
  2. Dear Members; Can anyone kindly provide GIAC Python Coder course with complete material? Waiting eagerly for your kind replies.
  3. Dear Members; How in your opinion will AI change the cybersecurity and network security landscape from delivery perspective? Will L1 SOC Analysts and Network Security Engineers jobs will go away? Any pointer along these lines will be appreciated.
  4. @deeteejoka is there any topic for new PCNSE rather than PCNSE7?
  5. Where can we download Cisco AMP because its not in CCO Downloads?..would highly appreciate if you can share...
  6. Can anyone kindly share Cisco AMP Private virtual cloud ESX image?
  7. Someone managed to find how to crack classics licenses....because that's what NGIPSv uses?
  8. @ramindia...how are you emulating NGIPSv and AMP...because former needs a license and latter isn't available for download in CCO?
  9. It requires 128GB RAM.... .....but its not public cloud hosted....bad news its on the new CCIE sec exam...
  10. But there is no link to download from CCO...download is available only when you buy...they give link in email....and license with it.
  11. @root0 you Magnet URIs for NGIPS are not working..atleast after 5-6 minutes....can you provide a valid link contaning latest NGIPSv images..
  12. This licensing crack is not working for NGIPSv (atleast for me)....NGIPSv still shows Unlicensed state?...can anyone help...or confirm it is not working. As per documentation Classics Licensing is needed for NGIPSv...
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