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  1. I found one very good F5 ASM video on youtube. youtube.com/nettechcloud
  2. Thanks Donami.. But Link is not working to download 16.x I really appreciate your help
  3. Hi.. R2013 Could you share 16.x Image. Thanks,
  4. Can anyone Re-upload please.. Thanks,
  5. Dump is valid and 88 questions out of 90 are from 98q Dump. No need to look for 100 or 110 Q dump. Only 2 questions are new , both are drag and drop. One is of EIGRP and another NTP already reported in the forum by member.
  6. Right... .each class map can match only a single acl can not be correct .
  7. "Traffic to route continues to exit R1 " is in question and supernet includes network in it. So answer is correct.
  8. I have ncmccie 98 Q only not Roychiu32 questions . I am taking exam day after tomorrow . Please advice .
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