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  1. Hi guys, Do you know any tested software that could download videos from INE? Thanks!
  2. what is the configuration of R5 which is the internet?
  3. What is the difference between Re-read and Review? Re-read cost $1000 and Review cost $400, does it add up to $1400?
  4. i know some guys took mobile labs in SG
  5. Good to see a pass now hopefully it will continue
  6. Others suggested doing Narbik's first before INE, INE's approach makes you think hard.
  7. none I believe, he is now the CTO of Lumos
  8. Mark Snow the collab and dc instructor of INE already leave the company and it makes the collab track materials of INE slows down and no updates.
  9. IPexpert 2x change their CCIE R&S instructor, from Terry Vinson to Jarrod Mills to JP Cedeno. Someone reported that their Mock Lab 1 was created by him and IPexpert does not pay him for his work, what a shame.
  10. it will take you a couple of attempts but it is sure possible
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