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  1. zo0om

    Aruba Option 43

    Hi How to configure Option 43 for Aruba access point ? did any one try that before ?
  2. Hi I'm looking for the complete INE for CCIE Security V5
  3. Hi Any one has Complete INE for CCIE Security V5 ?
  4. Hi I'm Planing to start my CCIE Security Study journey, and it is better to be in a group study to share information,...etc. Let us collect 20 to 25 serious participants to start together. After the collection, thread will be stopped. PM me if you are serious.
  5. Hi Network+ N10-007 7th Edition Complete Slides [Hidden Content]
  6. Hi This post Contains the below: Aruba Visual RF Plan Application V 7.7 Visual RF Plan Training PPT Slides Visual RF Plan Training video: to describe the application Aruba Visual RF Plan Application V 7.7 [Hidden Content] Visual RF Plan Training PPT Slides [Hidden Content] Visual RF Plan Training video [Hidden Content]
  7. Hi Aruba Scalable WLAN Design & Implementation Training manual (Enjoy) [Hidden Content]
  8. Hi Cisco Firepower Configuration & Troubleshooting with best practices Book [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi Just wanted to share with you a very good book for Cisco ISE Practical Deployment for Cisco ISE with practical Examples Table of Contents Cover Title page Copyright Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Introduction Abstract Chapter 2: ISE Clustering and Basic Setup Abstract Introduction Sizing and preparation Server/node deployment Certificates Cluster configuration Replication optimization Licensing Patching Backups Active directory Chapter 3: Authentication Methods Abstract Chapter 4: Policy Elements Abstract Breakdown of compound condition Chapter 5: Authentication Abstract Chapter 6: Authorization Abstract Chapter 7: Network Access Device Configuration Abstract Wired Wireless Chapter 8: ISE Profiling Abstract Introduction Setting up profiling Profiling basics Profiling custom devices Example AuthZ Device example—iPhone Chapter 9: ISE Portals and Guest Access Abstract Introduction Portal overview Guest portal types Guest types Sponsor setup Device portals Global guest settings Making portal modifications Scenarios Chapter 10: Deployment Strategies Abstract Wireless Chapter 11: ISE Policy Design Practices Abstract Chapter 12: Corporate Authentication Designs Abstract PEAP machine-only authentication Chapter 13: BYOD Designs Abstract User PEAP BYOD EAP-TLS Web authentication for BYOD access Chapter 14: ISE Posture Assessment Abstract Introduction Posture basics Required AuthZ components Client provisioning Posture rules Conditions Remediation Requirements Posture policy Examples Chapter 15: VPN Integrations Abstract Posture Chapter 16: ISE Reporting and Logging Abstract Introduction Reporting Logging Monitoring Examples Chapter 17: ISE CLI Abstract Introduction ADE-OS—what is it? Manipulating output Show commands Logging Changing time zones Application commands Other tools Examples Chapter 18: ISE Administration Abstract Authenticating to ISE RBAC API Monitoring REST API External RESTful API pxGrid [Hidden Content]
  10. I'm also in, i was about to open the same thread right now
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