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  1. if you want to pass 300-115, buy you a premium month of this : [Hidden Content] I usually buy just one month and pass the exam after this. Good community too in the "Share your TSHOOT v2.0 Experience " it's always up to date and I passed all my CCNP exams on this site. Now I'm due to renew my CCNP before February and I'll do the TSHOOT exam again using this site. Too bad they don't have CCNP DC too You will encounter : 12 lab-sim (no configuration change, only answer several questions doing ping and show commands). 1 simlet and about 17 multi choice and drag and drop. Honestly, it's probably the most fun exam of all cisco exam and very easy with this site.
  2. so, is it still valid or not ?
  3. do you have the VCE file by any chance?
  4. thanks I hope we'll have a 2v0-642 file too.
  5. I can't believe how it's now so difficult to have a dump...it seems it's almost impossible to get a valid dump for any vmware exam...
  6. Hi, anyone with a valid dump ? Even if it's not 100% valid it's ok. I just want a good start. thanks
  7. Hi, I would like to have Cisco ACI simulator 3.1 [Hidden Content]&relind=AVAILABLE&rellifecycle=&reltype=latest acisim-3.1-1i_part1.ova acisim-3.1-1i_part2.ova acisim-3.1-1i_part3.ova acisim-3.1-1i_part4.ova thanks !
  8. Hi, is it still possible to use a key generator with latest ASAv image ? I remember some years ago we could but a change in the way licensing worked (smart licensing?) broke everything. Is it still to case or it's possible to use ASAv image with a license so we could use it for a long time ? thanks
  9. to be honest I'm waiting for an answer because I don't feel like reinstalling everything again in 6.0
  10. does the NSX serial number shared several times of this forum still works with 6.3 ? I don't want to upgrade and have a non-working serial thanks !
  11. read this (if you want to really learn NSX) : [Hidden Content] plus the dump to be sure to pass it
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