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  1. I see all the videos are just 1min duration.Can anyone please confirm?
  2. aviz

    Khawar Butt SD-WAN

    Please anyone share it
  3. Thanks for the share,this course does not seem to be part of it.It has core BGP but this one is BGP deep dive
  4. Please share this one.
  5. Thanks a lot Shaninam for the share.Does it has all the videos?
  6. Please find the link for the course.Credits for original uploader [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Hi Guys, Can anyone share this course from CBT Nuggets [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  8. All questions still valid?Are there any extra questions?
  9. @venomzaki Bro can you please upload CBT Nuggets JNCIA-Devops course?Really Appreciate your help!
  10. @venomzaki please upload CBT nuggets ACI.And even if you got devnet courses please share
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