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  1. I see one seeder sitting at 99%. First time I've seen this.
  2. The folder is empty Voldipoldi. Please check your upload again.
  3. Mega, gDrive are easy options
  4. Thanks bro, that worked! I appreciate your time and effort spent in sharing these with our community.
  5. Hey Rawr1, What's the password for the first link?
  6. Rapidgator, part 22 link does not work. Returns an Error 404 page, please update that link.
  7. Not the same course, but yes, a great resource to add for studying.
  8. Yes, if you find a link, I can download it and reshare.
  9. Can anyone please provide an updated megalink for this? I can't seem to find any other threads with a working link. Sincerely, Runna
  10. Much appreciated for your time and effort to share this with the community here. Cheers!
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