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  1. the questions are not completed, too many questions are missing
  2. @tigeribra Where are these shared dumps bro ? I need them please
  3. Interested but cant PM you, please PM if you can thanks
  4. Foadd

    JPR-960 JNCIE-SP

    I think @kkkn was asking about dumps, is there any dump vendors for the JNCIE-SP exam ?
  5. Hi mate, I've finished my JNCP-IP recently and i wanna to shoot te JNCIE-SP lab exam. was wondering if can join any skype group or may I have any info regarding the strategy for doing this.
  6. Hi guys please add me to the group
  7. Foadd

    JNCIE-SP study group

    Is it still active, I wanna to join
  8. 65Q Still valid, last week some one that I know had passed
  9. Congrats buddy, is it your first attempt ??!!
  10. Congrats mate, please advise which version of WB & GZ file that you had used for A5 ... Thanks ..
  11. Sorry to hear mate, best of luck next time
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