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  1. noo its ok .. i claread with 100/100 but doo look for one drag and drop question .. that is not included in there !
  2. bluebook had errors... ? which vce file 100% correct.. ?
  3. please share the password ... i have 161Q version .. i would really appreciate if i get the password pls ... i have exam tommorw evening ..
  4. wats the passsword.. !! why keeping it secret ??
  5. As salam, Thanx alot brother .. !! i really appreciate your efforts for helping us out !! Regards KK
  6. [bump] Can we use JNO-330 (JNCIS-ES) to prepare JN0-331 (JNCIS-SEC)? Are the same questions?
  7. Hello, I just cleared all the assessment tests cleared and got 100% voucher for all 5 of them and am planning for schedule my exams for late November ! I got loads n loads of study to do i know ! can someone please guide me what order should i schedule my exams !! i think 1.Jno-342 2. Jno-350 3. Jno-400 4. JNo-331 5. Jno-100 is that right.. will this be good as i prepare for them step by step in same order ..? or i should change some strategy here ! Thanx !
  8. Hello, I just cleared pre-assessment for Jnu-342 exam and got my 100% discount voucher.. but i can see more 4 papers there 1. Jnu-400 2. Jnu-331 3. Jnu-100 4. Jnu-350 Can i apply and clear pre-assessment exam on these as well. or first i have to clear 342 .. then others ? and if i can apply for all of these papers.. how should i schedule my exam on promatric i mean what order ... e.g like in Cisco u can do CCNA then CCNP and CCIE... and if there is no requirement to go in order .. what is the track or order is I should follow and study.. ! Thanx !
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