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  1. can someone please upload the mega.nz file again.
  2. real time experience and study from the videos which you have.
  3. thanks a lot brother , god bless you
  4. Hi , Does anyone have the F5 cbt nuggets presented by keith Barker [Hidden Content] Thanks in advance
  5. INE BGP Details and Implementation , its a three part series. If any one has it please share. [Hidden Content] Route: BGP Details and Implementation - Part 1 Route: BGP Details and Implementation - Part 2 Route: BGP Details and Implementation - Part 3 Thanks :love:
  6. guys can some one share a torrent for this..............
  7. certification is always good to have, It gives you a fast growth . For Pre-sales , experience of 8-10 years is preferred as it involves a lot of maturity and understanding while interacting with the big shots of the company.
  8. Hi Outcast, the link for torrent is not working, do you have a magnet link for the same???
  9. Thanks for the great share Outcast................guys please help in seeding
  10. Hi outcast, thanks for the great share, Guys please participate in uploading after downloading......
  11. Hi , Can anyone please share CBT Nuggets Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 3.0 Layer 3 Technologies
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