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  1. @HammadHalim try this - technet24.ir @delideli12345 torrent? we have option 'checkbox'
  2. hello! [Hidden Content] hostscan_4.6.03051-k9.pkg plz
  3. install desktop app, no problem with download
  4. can anyone post link again ?
  5. Hello, install on ESXi 76,77,77.20,77.30 but license not valid it's work ? any one tested (
  6. seed ? =( and anyone can share unl_wrapper?
  7. yo guys, what's point, without k9 ?
  8. all work fine, check requirement
  9. yeah sure, certcollectiong.org and google ( china ) i am not juniper guy dont know really UNL my hobby and i creating fully working images for this platform but not all images need for me, only cisco juniper not need at all MPC MPC_vm MPC_vm-OVA same image but different source when i create qcow2
  10. mate if u dont touch inside unl ( code ) all work fine. for menu does not metter have inside hda or not need only vmx-* name folder and have permissions
  11. yo all how need apply trial license to csr1000v inside UNL? after wipe csr1000v new UDI generate how i can using all time same csr1000v UDI?
  12. /opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions and inside folder hda.qcow2
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