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  1. Nitroflare: ALL DEAD! Rapidgator: Premium only
  2. Its Dead Jim! Go where root0 said, cucm12 is there
  3. Hello, does anyone have the c880data-universalk9-mz.157-3.M3.bin for cisco 887va? It should be available on cisco from here Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to find the Cisco 7920 Configuration Utility. Since its older, its not even on google. I would be glad if anyone can download the file (CU_7920.3-0-2.zip) from here [Hidden Content]&relind=AVAILABLE&reltype=latest Thanks in advance.
  5. I can give you alternative only for the first one UCSInstall_UCCX_8_5_1_UCOS_8.5.1.10000-11.sgn.iso [Hidden Content]
  6. Very nice find langye Update: Finally installed it after combining couple of guides. Unfortunately the licensing procedures are stored in the dll files.
  7. I don't have access to Cisco so can't actually give you the file, but you can try to watch "[Hidden Content]". There were this file couple of times and yesterday someone asked, so it could be there tomorrow. If you need it quilcky you could try PM root0.
  8. Hi, tested and works well, but you can try to find different (for example on btann.com).
  9. Latest of version 11.x (for using with older IP-phone models that was removed in 11.5). Original, non-bootable, not patched. UCSInstall_UCOS_11.0.1.22900-14.sgn.iso [Hidden Content]
  10. You do not need any license file - 30days license is not stored in Cisco Prime License Managers database.
  11. Do you want help with downloading or installing?
  12. Have you tried it by the book? [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content]
  13. Search for 7p1(2) or 7p1(3) at [Hidden Content] and follow the links
  14. Hi everyone, I have crossed and interesting problem with networking on CUCM. I am currently running CUCM 10.5 and now upgrading to on Hyper-V (demo ofc). Version 11.0.1 is based on "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 (Santiago)(3.10.0-514.e17.x86_64)". Problem: When I set 1 virtual CPU on Hyper-V for version 10.5 or 11 network starts with "OK" (see bottom) and it doesnt go down until system shutdown is called - I can ping the machine. Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK ] Bringing up interface ethO: Deternining if ip address 192.168.G.100 is already in use for deuice ethO. [ OK ] BUT, when I set more than 1 virtual CPU on Hyper-V for version 10.5 or 11, network starts also with "OK" (the same way as with 1 vCPU) and then it goes down right after couple of "Detecting Server Hardware" messages. Weird thing is that CUCM shows "no link" in both situations from "show network eth0" messages for both situations: Ethernet 0 DHCP : disabled Status : up IP Address : IP Mask : Link Detected : no Mode : Auto disabled, N/A, N/A Duplicate IP : no DNS: Not configured Gateway : on Ethernet 0 I am sure the network settings are the same, nothing changed, only the number of vCPUs are not equal 1. Why would RHEL or CUCM shutdown networking just because there are more then 1 CPU? PS: I can supply screenshots if needed. Please no "this is unsupported" comments. Of course its unsupported and thats why i am asking professionals for help Thx everyone
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