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  1. @che --> send paypal address via our email thread
  2. Try sending an email to my forum username at disroot dot org. Thank you
  3. I really need the voucher. How can we do this?
  4. How can I contact you, it seems can't PM you: The member che can not use the messaging system
  5. do you still have the voucher?
  6. I think this is your post. Thank you!
  7. I am searching for JNCIE-SP lab dumps from 1 or max 2 years ago for reference. If someone can help please pm me.
  8. Is it me or this so called "Study Group" is dead long time ago... If so I am willing to start and organize a new study group on the platform of your guys choice.
  9. So the prerequisite certification for JNCIP-DC is JNCIS-ENT? Can't JNCIP-SP be considered a valid prerequisite for this exam?
  10. Any updates regarding the validity of the above dumps?
  11. Any news regarding this exam?
  12. Here are the D60 vQFX image for eve if you guys need them. [Hidden Content] Default user and password for RE are root and Juniper
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