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  1. Hello; I just wanted to check in case you got the chance. Thanks.
  2. How could you get CMS and Expressway to work? there are no any demo versions and temporary licenses for these products.
  3. thank you for the share. If you get "Red Hat openshift, A complete guide 2021" sometimes, would you mind sharing it too? I appreciate your help.
  4. Hello; Could anyone share the following openshift books: Scalable Container Infrastructures with Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift - 2019 edition Red Hat openshift, A complete guide 2021 regards;
  5. I tried with 4 browsers (with or without private mode) and got "Cannot GET /d/aXOGxO%5B/hide%5D" error on all cases! even the epub file didn't open after I successfully got it.
  6. It would be great if someone shares NSX-T 3.0 materials. All of existing are for old versions (2.4 or 6.4).
  7. Thanks. I don't want to complain like others but have a small suggestion if you don't mind bro. if that's possible, it would be great if yo upload weeks 9 & 10 separately from the first 8 weeks, because some people might have downloaded them already; the point here is some learners might use low bandwidth or even limited internet connections and some other might not have premium account on Mega and need to spend days for being able to pass the download limit of the Mega while suffering from the controlled and limited internet bw. my regards;
  8. Which PSTN software are you using? How can I find it? Is it free or some commercial software? I'm a novice in the Collaboration world so I might ask some silly questions though
  9. How do you prepare for PSTN-like tasks in v3? I was told that there are not any physical phones in the v3 lab anymore.
  10. I did what you said but after rebooting the CUCM, it reverted back to the original 90 days evaluation license. I did it again and reboot and got the same result! I checked the "state.yml" file, the evaluation period was reverted back too. what did I wrong? My CUCM version is 12.5.1
  11. Thanks for this post. Everything was OK till the time I used "vi /usr/local/cm/.security/slm/state.yml" command. After I edited the contents as you said, I tried to save the file but I got this error message: "/usr/local/cm/.security/slm/state.yml" E212: Can't open file for writing Press ENTER or type command to continue I issued this command: -bash-4.2$ ls -la /usr/local/cm/.security/slm/state.yml -rw-r--r--. 1 slmmgr platform 1600 Jan 15 18:03 /usr/local/cm/.security/slm/stat .yml So I tried to change the permission of the file to be able to overwrite it but again it was denied: -bash-4.2$ chmod 777 /usr/local/cm/.security/slm/state.yml chmod: changing permissions of ‘/usr/local/cm/.security/slm/state.yml’: Operation not permitted how can I change this file and save it? Thanks.
  12. There are many interested people here, including me, but there is no any response. Have you, @starvros, closed the the topic? If yes, then I would like to create or participate in another DC study group for others who couldn't join the rest.
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