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  1. Sylar


    Hi, Am planning for august attempt, any one attempting any group which is active here, please pm me so that i could join Regards Sylar
  2. Hi, Here you go with the updated workbook. No solutions yet but looks simple enough. Regards Sylar Juniper JNCIS_part1a_workbook.pdf Part_1b_Lab_Guide - Sample.pdf
  3. Thanks, i guess it got changed when i tried to upload the .ova image for Mx. Regards Sylar
  4. Hi UD, I am trying to build a custom IOU router setup, looks like Routers start and stop almost instantaneously. Anything that am missing ? Regards Sylar
  5. you have to understand that our office environment will only allow ssh to outside world and all other access-method are blocked to internet other-than specific Ip-ranges. I know my environment better than you UD . I dont need Virtual-ASA, i have a SRX 240h and a Ex4200 for my home network where i terminate my Vpn-on. Thanks for the reply though Did you understand the problem now or you still think something is wrong ? lol Cheers
  6. web-access is cumbersome for me due to security access-restrictions as i have my topology self made, i need not load anything or alter anything new. secondly, it is much easy to ssh into a box than taking a team-viewerer or any-https sessions, i only have one thing which is working for me, i keep vm in suspended state and then i am resumin it via esxi ssh , but if server reboots it is a big head-ache for me. thanks anyways. -sylar
  7. UD, Is there a way that we can start a topology from ssh cli ? -Sylar
  8. Hi Franzyl, You might have to run serial-pipe connection to access the console of XR and then merge XR and IOL using Cloud onto a common VMNET. Thanks
  9. i am not sure how, what made you to like Marko over scott morris / Brain Mcgahan. I mean, i dont tend to insult Marko in any terms here, but Scott /Brian are way ahead with their native communication skills is what i believe
  10. oops corrected my earlier reply. It should technically be from Bgp. Shut and un-shut the interface
  11. You are too good to know when the dumps are updated. Get your ass updated first lol and then talk to me
  12. hi, can anyone kindly provide this Thanks
  13. Hi, In AS 1009, what is the method people use, should the circuit type be defined at router process level or at interface level as most of the times questions sounds to configure at interface level. Kindly let me know
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