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  1. I bought 271 question dump, here is the link to download [Hidden Content] Please hide the link next time. Usage : [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces) could somebody share vce with 307 or 320 questions, I don't want pay twice, thanks!
  2. Hi ! I am trying to make updtae from 2.0 to 2.1 with this patch ise-patchbundle- , at the end when I run command application upgrade proceed I get Information " Error, patch bundle detected. Please use patch CLI for patch installation " Anybody has idea what it mean ? when I run command application upgrade prepare I can't see at the end questions about md5 cheksum Getting bundle to local machine... md5: 35a159416afd0900c9da7b3dc6c72043 sha256: e3358ca424d977af67f8bb2bb3574b3e559ce9578d2f36c44cd8ba9e6dddfefdcdcd Please confirm above crypto hash matches what is posted on Cisco download site. % Continue? Y/N [Y] ? y
  3. newcayman are you confident that it is up to date and mandatory dump ?
  4. maybe that will be helpful for you [Hidden Content] I am just preparing for that exam , beside CBT I was watching ipexpert movies [hide] [Hidden Content]] . It's hard to believe that nobody have lab files from CBT 300-209
  5. Hi! Does anybody have lab files from CBT Nuggets (SIMOS) 300-209 ? I have been looking around in many places but I couldn't find . If anybody has these files , please share. Thank you !
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