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  1. Where can we find the 322q dump? Haven't found it in sharing section, yet?
  2. Great work, dude! Are there any plans to put ASAv (ASA 9.4 or 9.5) in your share, as well?
  3. Can anyone help me with a pre-loaded UNL VM?
  4. Can anybody confirm a lab 8 at any location, so far? cheers.
  5. Hi hanyik thanks for your update. can u may give a closer description of the 27002 question? thanks
  6. sorry to hear that, dude. Isn't it correct, that these two questions are from the 140Q dump?
  7. Hi guys, do we need questions out of the known VCEs as well? I.e the 507q VCE? Cheers
  8. is it possible to upload it to a regular uploader? would be great! thanks!
  9. Hej Folks, does anyone have ISEv1.4 ISO? ise- Would be appreciated if anyone can upload it! :-) Thanks!
  10. jacksmith11

    CCIE SP Labs

    can you please describe what the differences between 3.6 and 3.4/3.5 are?
  11. HI adeelg1, can you tell how you solved the Inter-AS sections? How did you configure xR1 and xR2? Was there a need for static routes?! thanks in advance! cheers, js
  12. Does anyone has an answer to the question? I'm looking for it as well. Is it correct to configure the POS interface to the VRF?!
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