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  1. To user "anyuser034" have a look at the post by "t0p1t0" at this and also Good luck...
  2. Thanks for the share. I have gone through the files and all looks good except for a file PCNSE.exe. This file is locked for 1 user and needs a authorisation code. But thanks anyway.
  3. Thats a great share 'Recycling' many thanks to you. And thankyou for the PA-500 share. You are helping my studies of the PCNSE.... Thankyou !
  4. Everything downloaded and extracted as expected. Great share - Thankyou.
  5. Hello Recycling if I read your post you have the update file for the PA-500. Can you make the file availiable for me. Mega or Nitroflare if you can. Thanks
  6. I also have a M100 for running Panarama but I'm stuck on 6.1. Member : Huth_S0lo if you have any joy getting any update please let me know.
  7. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a server Palo Alto M-100n it runs Panorama The version is 6.1.12. I want to upgrade it and will need someone who has Palo Alto internal website download area. I want to follow the upgrade path 6 to 7 to 8 to 9. If any can help. I am studying PA firewalls PCNSE and Panorama is a part of that requirement Thankyou
  8. Try waiting fo at least 10 minutes befor attempting to login. It takes quite along time for the firewall to become operational.
  9. I have been working on the instructions to get a VM to do what a licenced version can do. I am just working on learning the firewall and would like to utilise some additional features. I struggled with the original instructions and trying to access root within the VM was really hard. So I gave up this route. Another post identified the you could mount the 'vmdk' disk. I followed this and download 'vmware-mount'. I had success with this route. I used 'ubuntu' on a laptop transfered the 'vmdk' over and mounted it then did the file moves. Adjusted the memory for 6.5 as advised. So it when you load it, it does say 'VM-100' (or whatever you report). However, when you try to add 2 or more routers it reports that you cannot. I could not see that you get any additional features. I tried to import a update file and it reported it wasn't licenced. I have to report that unfortunately the instructions don’t do anything to improve the functionality. Thanks for the effort though.
  10. The 'uploaded.net' tries to open a exe file. Be on you guard as exe files often contain virus. Also the others a premium only so bit of a waste of time. Please use a better host.
  11. Please use another host. This is premium only. Thanks
  12. All links dead. Please upload again. Thanks
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