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  1. Key works fine needed to decode it also, doesnt matter anyways taken down will try to repost
  2. Heres the MASPTv2 if anyone is interested. Enjoy [Hidden Content] forgot key [Hidden Content]
  3. I think JB was getting sick of the inbox messages hahaha
  4. Thank Jacky223 for this I was only able to grab some before it went down but here is what I have [Hidden Content]
  5. Its not even the course it's just some of the material from the course
  6. Missing videos 8 and 24 but no worries can grab these from youtube [Hidden Content]
  7. All the links work perfectly fine
  8. If I wanted this shared here I would of, instead of uploading it to the tracker. Thanks to -- like yourself I wont share any more.
  9. Humm I'll have to figure some stuff out since I don't think you guys can priv-msg yet I did not consider that.
  10. Looking to put together a study group for CSA+ CS0-001 exam if interested let me know.
  11. If you cant share yourself why should anyone share with you
  12. Looking for CS0-001 (CSA+ Comptia) anyone have it for USA testing centers?
  13. I have a C891F for lab I picked up used shoot me the commands
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