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  1. How did you download it as mp4? Kindly share the 1072 at the earliest and others at your pace. For those who really like to prepare for the exam visit
  2. Thanks ..can you share the OCI Architect associate and professional as well please? How did you download as mp4 ?
  3. Just to let everyone be aware that it is called FREE CERTIFICATION but technically NO. It is given with 18months validation unlike the Paid exams which never expires which means it is an invitation for new customers to get locked in with their CERTIFICATION model. While it is good to clear the Exams to have the Badges it is always better to Study the Training Videos even if you don't take the Exams. Since Oracle has decided to extend the schedule it means you can do the exams till August 15th but you have to register by May 15th for the 100% discount offer. Thanks.
  4. Kindly have the videos downloaded and share it please.
  5. Hi Guluta2, Do not wait for all of them to complete. Share it as soon as you finish one as the Tests are open till May 15th. Thanks and await your update.
  6. Hi Guluta2, Can we have the OCI Autonomous database and cloud training material please? [Hidden Content] Thanks
  7. Awsome Kurtlock It would be nice if you / guluta start another thread for Oracle training videos rather than adding to itself. Eitherway, thanks a lot once more.
  8. Thanks for the update. I wish you upload all these in Mega or somewhere else so that it will be helpful. I am looking for Oracke Application Express and Big Data. Thanks
  9. It would be great if you create a post for all the Oracle University training videos. Thanks in advance
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