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  1. Hi all Can anyone share the fxos-mibs. file: It is the MIB file for Firepower 2110. [Hidden Content] much appreciated
  2. can anyone share the 350-501 SPCOR exam dumps?
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can share the SRX 650 JUNOS 12.3X48-D100. here is the following link: [Hidden Content] @niessoh Regards seek
  4. Hi all Kindly share the following IOS XE for 3850 if it is possible to share: cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.06.08.SPA.bin [Hidden Content] your help is much appreciated Seek2
  5. Hi all Do anyone has the following 2960x IOS file: c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-7.E2.bin [Hidden Content] your help is much appreciated. seek2
  6. Hi all I was wondering if anyone has the "ASR9K-x64-iosxr-px-6.6.3.tar" file for ASR9k. here is the link to download: [Hidden Content] regards
  7. Hi all I wonder if someone can share the latest Netscreen ISG for 1000 and 2000 series in here. followings are the links: ISG 1000 ISG1000 Boot Loader (6.3.0r1) [Hidden Content] ISG1000-IDP Boot Loader (6.3.0r1) [Hidden Content] ISG1000 Install package (6.3.0r27) [Hidden Content] ISG1000 IDP Install package (6.3.0r27) [Hidden Content] ISG 2000 ISG2000 Boot Loader (6.3.0r1) [Hidden Content] ISG2000-IDP Boot Loader (6.3.0r1) [Hidden Content] ISG2000 Install Package (6.3.0r27) [Hidden Content] ISG2000 IDP Install Package (6.3.0r27) [Hidden Content] your help is really really appreciated. thanks in advance.
  8. seek2

    H2_Rapid STP

    Hi all In H2 CFG, is the following text the main reason of using Rapid STP: "Spanning-tree must immediately delete dynamically learned MAC address entries on a per-port basis upon receiving a topology change"? Regards
  9. unfortunately I find the searching in the CC difficult as I enter the "h2+" in the search box on the top right side of web site and it shows me nothing
  10. seek2


    Does it mean that there is going to be some sort of problem in the cut-score?
  11. seek2


    unfortunately I don't have it
  12. Hi all Please share the H2+ initial config if anyone has. Kind regards
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