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  1. Hi, Im looking for the training and not the hands on labs. anyone have a working link?
  2. hi, my signature is awful and yes I am an old member of this site when it was enabled. Is it possible for the admin to update my signature for something else? The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.- Mark Twain or Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.- Mark Twain
  3. Hello, does anyone have a working link for the cbt nuggets version of this web tutorials?
  4. The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This could be due to the following reasons: The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation. Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist The file has been deleted by the user.
  5. link has been removed by mega due to a ToS infringement
  6. [hide][Hidden Content]] painfully long and slow as they have broken down the videos into 500gb each
  7. can someone please upload to google drive or mega... anonfiles is a spyware mass advertising site
  8. I'm currently using EVE-NG on a older t5600 desktop with 64gb of RAM. How does someone replicate the wifi environment for posturing ?
  9. I would like to join but it would all depend on what time we are going to get together. It is safe to assume we are located across the globe and timing would be an issue. if you are all in the GMT-5 (EST0 zone and are willing to start then send me a PM.
  10. Hi, i've done most of the regular troubleshooting on this. For example, I am able to ping from the win7 lite host to the FMC and vise versa, nmap port scanning shows that port 443 is open, I cleared the cache on the web browser, recreated the nodes on eve-ng, recreated the links between the nodes, check the IOL L2 switch, etc. what is missing from this picture?
  11. trying to get the virtual appliance running and i'm running into issues. I use the win7 lite and try to connect to the webgui and the page won't load. the ip addressing is correct and i have just a regular IOL L2 switch connecting them. Anyone have this issue or can advise if i have to have some custom settings inside the device configuration.
  12. Im looking for the INE workbooks for the CCNP exams for practice
  13. passed using the ActualTests JN0-101 Malangi 176q.vce file. all questions were from this VCE file. please note that there are some new questions on the test. Q1. filtering mgmt traffic on Lo0, Q2. command to show the forwarding table, Q3. show the last system reboot messages, Q4. u enter config in Configuration Mode, Q5. static route resolve, Q6. MX series operating systems Q7. You have been asked to establish reachibility between Router 1's and Router2's loopback addresses as shown in the exhibit. Which two steps will accomplish this task? (Choose two) A: Create a static route on Router 1 to with a next hop of B: Create a static route on Router 1 to with a next hop of C: Create a static route on Router 2 to with a next hop of
  14. well said, but how do you encourage someone to search for things instead of asking for you to send send them stuff?
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