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  1. Hi, I am new member on this forum and new linux administrative user. We are running linux in our environment as virtual machine (Hyper-V) on which we running Oracle ERP. Some time my this linux machine restarted unexpectedly without any reason. I just try to google and found that I can got clue of this behavior by checking these logs /var/log/syslogs But unfortunate I am unable to get find these files which indicate why machine restarted unexpectedly.
  2. We have 100 nodes on our company some times it happens that user full drive failure so i need a solution which is used for user backup (with some storage limits) and also with syncing option like google drive or dropbox is there any option or free software to create own cloud ? Any Suggestion
  3. Please Please Provide me torrent file it's Urgent Pls help Exchange Server 2010 Design and Deployment Training
  4. For Data Recovery *Recover my files is best
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