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  1. @drunkmonk ''Fortinet FortiGate Firewall 5-in-1 Training Bundle Course''... could you please re-upload it?
  2. Guys when you open the link, check the URL in the browser, there is [/hide] text attached in the URL at the end, just remove that from the URL and the link will work just fine. Let me know if this resolves the issue for you Happy to help :))
  3. While registering for the Virtual Event you can check the description, for Azure Fundamentals it is mentioned for a free Voucher but I didn't see the same for any other Virtual Event. Hope it helps
  4. Check jacky223's post on page 5, that mega link is still working. Hope it helps
  5. The files are visible but can't be downloaded.
  6. I wish I could spend that much ;(
  7. Could you please re-share it?
  8. +1 for torrent. There are files above 3GB that a free user can't download because at any given time you can only download upto 3GB before you have to wait for 6hours. Anybody has a way around it?
  9. There was a post on this somewhere in the forums, apparently a browser extension is used or a paid downloading softwar. Hope it help !!
  10. Download link are working fine, those who are facing Issue please check your Anti-virus software, maybe it is blocking the content. Hope it helps !!
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